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11 Mar 2016

It can be difficult to measure your level of fitness if you wish to understand how healthy you happen to be, or if you are starting a whole new workout regimen. Everyone's level of fitness is different, and are personally depending on factors in a few different categories including aerobic fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility and the body composition. Fitness is a lot more than how fast or long it is possible to run, how much weight you'll be able to lift or what your system looks like in a bathing suit. If you wish to know how healthy and fit your body is, try assessing your fitness level with these tests:

- Resting Pulse rate (RHR)- Your resting heartbeat can be a good, simple indication of your overall fitness level. How frequent your heart beats each minute, asses your aerobic fitness capacity. When your body is at rest and relaxed, count the quantity of heart beats you're feeling in a 60 second time frame. A lower RHR corresponds to a stronger cardiovascular system and higher aerobic level of fitness.

- 1 Mile Run (or brisk walk)- This test indicates the level your cardiovascular fitness is at. Using a flat and measurable route, find out how long it takes one to complete 1 mile running, or you have to, walking quickly. Should you not get winded or dizzy you are in a good fitness position; if you do, you need to work on enhancing your cardiovascular fitness. Ideally, you should be able to complete one mile in 9 minutes or fewer.

- Push Ups- Push-ups are a great exercise for overall fitness, and can be a good indicator of chest muscles strength and endurance levels. There are many people that have trouble performing even one proper push-up. This exercise requires the shoulders, chest, triceps, abdominals and a few legs, and are a terrific way to asses your chest fitness. See how many you can do in row; women should aim for 12 and men should shoot for 20.

- Wall Sit- This being active is used to asses lower body and leg strength and endurance. "Sitting" in an invisible chair together with your back up against a wall so long as possible, is a good approach to gauge your lower body fitness, and also the endurance in your calves. With your knees at a right angle, breathe freely while seeing just how long you can hold the position.

- Flexibility- Fitness can be another measure of how flexible bodies are. To asses flexibility, take a seat on the floor with your legs extended, and then try to reach and touch your toes. If you cannot touch your toes that doesn't mean you are not fit, many people can't reach to this point. However, you definitely need to work on this area of fitness if you cannot reach much further than your knees. Flexibility is vital to overall health, so work on stretching each day to further improve flexibility and fitness.

- Balance- Like flexibility, balance is additionally an important factor in good fitness. An overall healthy body relies heavily on being well balanced, along with the risk or injury and bone fractures from falls increases drastically with age. To asses your fitness level in this area, try looking at one foot using your arms at your sides for a period of one minute. If you feel just like you may fall, stand all-around a wall, table or chair. Focus on improving fitness levels in balance, try practicing exercises that concentrate on and promote good balance like yoga or Pilates.

- Plank- A great exercise to asses your core strength and stability. Your level of fitness relies on those deep, stabilizing muscles that are in the trunk of your body. Your core strength and fitness can be assessed by practicing holding the plank position as long as you can. Proper planks are held with the forearms on the floor, toes curled under, plus your back straight and parallel for the floor. Doing this exercise each day will increase core muscles and overall fitness.

- Vertical Jump- As kids, this portion of our fitness level was certainly properly, and used often. However, when you are getting older it is a much viewed part of overall health that could indicate the power exertion your system possesses as well as the power with your muscle fibers. See how high it is possible to jump with markings on the wall or a 2-foot tall box.

- Waist to Hip Ratio- This fitness test can be used to asses body fat distribution. The waist to hip ratio indicates the proportion of fat stored round the waist compared to hip girth. People that hold more weight inside their midsection as belly fat, are more likely to experience medical problems like heart disease and diabetes, and also a lower fitness level. To calculate your waist to hip ratio, appraise the circumference of the widest part of your hips, and smallest portion of your waist. Then divide the waist measurement by the measurement of your hips. For women, a healthy ratio is lower than .8, and for men it's under .9.

- Burpees- This complete exercise is a good way to indicate your fitness level if you can do a good few in a row. A burpee is definitely an intense workout that challenges your muscular fitness, cardiovascular fitness, endurance and the entire body power. Perform up to possible in one minute to actually test and push your level of fitness.


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